Following classes are offered in our Centre:

. Beginners, intermediate and advanced level students
. Specialized classes for prenatal, children (from 6 yrs old) and the elderly, dynamic Yoga, deep relaxation techniques (Yoga Nidra), meditation, detoxification and cleansing techniques of Hatha Yoga (Sat Karmas).

Classes begin in September and end in June.
The duration of each class is 90 mins.

A typical class consists of:
. Asanas :physical postures
. Pranayama : Breathing and vital energy techniques
. Relaxation techniques
. Meditation practice
. Mantra chanting

Emphasis is given to the development of one's level of awareness.

After each lesson, one feels relaxed, balanced and creative.

A guide for the students:

. It is important to arrive at least 10 mins before the beginning of each class. Late arrival , results in the disruption of the class.
. Wear comfortable clothes , which will not restrict your movements, nor bring you any discomfort (buttons, zippers, etc.)
. It is advisable to attend without having eaten for 3 hours prior to the class. Undigested food in the stomach interferes with the physical postures and causes indigestion
. During the class, "listen to your body," and if something causes you discomfort or pain, inform the teacher.
. Do not overly strain or exert yourself.
. Advise your teacher well beforehand of any health issues, illnesses, spinal problems, etc.,
. Give priority to your choice to attend Yoga class, and your decision to do something beneficial for yourself. Try to remain committed to the day and hour you have chosen for your class,so that you receive the greatest benefit from this.


. Payment is made monthly, at the beginning of each month
. Monthly payments are non refundable and irrespective of attendance.